Membership and Open Access

Joining screen-Art Printmaking studio


To join the studio, you must have completed an Induction, Introduction day, class or course with us. We have facilities in both paper and fabric so if you wish to work in both those areas, you would need an induction or course in both. The two areas exist in the same space but are independent of each other so require separate inductions to the equipment, inks and process to enable you use them during Open Access sessions. You can only use an area for Open Access, if you have completed an induction, become a member and signed the Health and Safety form.


Cost - Membership of screen-Art workshop costs £45 a year or £30 for half a year. If you are already a member of bip-Art workshop, the cost is £15 a year, while your bip-Art membership is valid. If your bip-Art membership lapses and you chose not to renew it, we will charge you the difference for the reminder of the year for your screen-Art membership.

We take part in the May Open House Festival trail and the Affordable Art Fair in London each year and as a member, you will be invited to take part in these shows on a first come, first serve basis.


Open Access is charged on an hourly basis, which is £6.50 an hour or if you buy time in bulk, 5 hours for £30. Your Open Access sessions start from the time you enter the studio until the time you leave, including the time it takes you to tidy up. You must always book in and specify which print bed/ fabric table you want and whether you plan to expose screens and/or wash out stencils.


studio equipment Inductions - walk through


For those already experienced in Screen printing, we offer a free studio equipment induction to enable you to join screen-Art as a member. The induction will give you all the information you need about the working of the studio to allow you to book independently for Open Access sessions. Please contact us for times and further information.


Open Access sessions – what is included

The following are included under Open Access – Use of the screen beds, squeegees, drying rack and ball clips to dry prints, light box, hair dryers, wash out unit, jet wash, fabric beds, iron, googles, masks, ear defenders, use of cutting mats, scalpels, scissors, plastic cups, spoons and knives, jay cloths, tea and biscuits. Following attendance on a course or an induction, if you are already experienced, that includes photo exposure, you will be able to use the exposing light, coating trough, screen drying cupboard, stencil remover and screen degreaser.


Open Access sessions - what is not included

You will need to bring your own Screens (or hire from us)

You will need to bring or buy from us; brown tape, masking tape, paper, inks and emulsion. If you wish to bring your own inks and emulsion, please check with us first as we are a water based studio.

You can coat a screen using our emulsion, they is a charge for this.



Screen Hire

We have a limited number of screens to hire out. These are hired on a weekly basis on the condition that torn or damaged screens are replaced. Screens hired from us cannot be removed from the studio.


Storage space

There is no general storage space for screens in the workshop. Screens can only be stored in the workshop, if sessions have been booked and paid for on consecutive days. This is subject to space, not guaranteed and must be agreed with us in advance. The designated, screen storage rack is for course screens and those belonging to screen-Art. Any screens left in the studio are at the risk of the artist, we will not accept liability for any damage to them as they sit in a public space. Screens left in the studio after the final, booked printing session, not collected when asked or left without permission, will be washed out and removed.


We sell - we sell paper, inks, emulsion, acetate for positives, plastic pots with lids for ink, masking tape and brown tape.